Jan 4, 2007

7 is In 6 is Out

Calvin and Hobbes

Yet another year has passed in my life. Here are the facts behind the fiction called my life in 2006. The year 2006 was I can say the most influential year in my life.

First of all the year started of with a bad start. But then expecting good things to happen at the start of a year is as foolish a thought as hoping that one can get through math paper without studying. Well the beginning of '06 saw me enter into the final semester of my college days. With the final year project tension, people around me were going nuts including myself.

So in the start I was utterly helpless looking for projects. Then this so called projects changed many people's attitude ruining friendships. Then within a few months everything came to an end. Soon I was beyond my college gates wondering will I ever come back again here to see my friends like the way they used to be. Also I scraped an acceptable pass grades in my final semester exams.

Now that I had finished my college and I was finally declared an engineer by the university, I was considered to be more responsible(joke of the year). So then came the time for me find a suitable job. Oh yeah this job of finding a job became my temporary job for a better part of three to four months. During which I had attended a number of interviews and written exams. Then finally thanks to Anjaneyar & Akshaya, I finally got a good job.

After getting a job I've been at home reflecting my past, present and future. But spending most of the time listening to songs and browsing on the net. Then during the later half of the year I learnt some valuable lessons from few of my friends. I know this is too short a description for a whole year because I've left out a lot of things. Finally taking a leaf out of Calvin and Hobbes "live life without any preparation". I know its a bit reckless but it has its advantages.

So Happy New Year friends. May the year bring happiness in every ones life.

P.S: And I haven't made any actual resolutions so far ;).


  1. //First of all the year started of with a bad start.//
    Hhmm....but dont u feel now tat 2006 has given its best to U

    //I was considered to be more responsible//
    Exactly Rakesh,nowadys even i too feel so.My colg life was full of fun durin colg days...all time chattin,gossips,kiddin.... nw we are to take up career that decides our valuble future.we are more RESPONSIBLE now than past.

    //"live life without any preparation"//
    Sounds gud.but not sure how much it works out

    Btw nice Headin "7 is in 6 is out."

  2. Happy new year rakesh..wish u all the best this new year!