Jan 6, 2007

Lady Fantasy

Listen very carefully, my words are about to unfold
Concerning a lady I've seen but I never could hold
I can see by your smile,
Take a long while,
The words that come through,
I see that they're true,
For she reminds me of you.

Don't misunderstand me, it's not always easy to say
The words in your head and your heart that you just can't explain
I can see clearly,
A face in the sky,
Moon's in your eye,
You're passing me by.
Tell me the reason why.

I can see clearly,
A face in the sky,
Moon's in your eye,
You're passing me by.

Saw you riding on a moon cloud,
Saw you walking on a whirlpool,
From the corner of my eye,
I saw you.

Saw you sitting on a sunbeam,
In the middle of my daydream,
Oh my Lady Fantasy,
I love you.

Lady Fantasy by Camel

I am now fully transfixed in the 70s. the time during late 60's, 70's and the early 80's saw some of the greatest bands which has influenced so much of the rock music. In this list my current favourite being Camel and Van Der Graaf Generator. The above is the lyric of the song 'Lady fantasy' from the album Mirage. This is one great song. Just about everything is awesome. Everything from Andrew Latimer's brilliant and deep vocals, along with his awesome guitar work to Peter Bardens keyboards which really dominates the whole song, and ofcourse Doug Ferguson's bass and Andy ward's drums equally contribute to this awesome epic. The song is 13 minutes long and a true masterpiece of camel. I am listening to this song almost everyday now.

Here is a video of Camel performing Lady fantasy live.
Camel's Official Website.

UPDATE: Here are some more videos of Camel performing live at various places. Enjoy them.

  1. Camel - Stationary Traveller
  2. Camel - Skylines
  3. Camel - Rhayader / Rhayader Goes to Town (Highly recommended)
  4. Camel - Slow Yourself Down
  5. Camel - Another Night
  6. Camel - Beached
  7. Camel - Dunkirk
  8. Camel - Mother Road
  9. Camel - Rose of Sharon
  10. Camel - Never Let Go (Highly recommended)
  11. Camel - Spirit of the Water
  12. Camel - First Light
  13. Camel - Unevensong
  14. Camel - Highways of the Sun
  15. Camel - Metrognome
  16. Camel - Snow Goose Excerpts (Highly recommended)
  17. Camel - One of these days I'll get an early night


  1. happy new year buddy.....may this year shower more and more happiness both in your personal as well as professional life.

  2. At first i thought it was ur work ;) Hmmm...neways nice one
    But wat happened???? nowadays u have gone crazy over 60's and 70's?

  3. Camel eh! i'm downloading one album of theirs.. will get back to you once im done :)

  4. @nabeel: hey thanks man. hope you too have a great year ahead.

  5. @bharathi: haha. i'm not very good at writin poems. But this song also describes my mood these days...really awesome lyrics.

  6. @sri: hey which album. Don't worry all their albums are nice. I'm looking for three of their albums but so far unable to find them :(.

    I'm looking for their albums
    1. A Nod and a Wink
    2. Harbour of Tears
    3. Dust and Dreams

    In case you find any of the above three tell me ;).

  7. Wow... Thanku for linking that!!
    It was to good!
    The video too...

    Haven't heard camel b4...but guess from now on.cud give a listen! ;)

  8. naan andha camel pathi kelvi pattadhu kooda ila idhukku munnadi. but it was nice!

    thank u for sharing with us! :)

  9. @marutham: glad you liked it. Camel is a great band :)

    @karthik: //naan andha camel pathi kelvi pattadhu kooda ila idhukku munnadi.

    he he, naan ketukura paadi band pera yarum idhukku munadi kelvi patirukka matanga(unless they are musical payithiyams like me). Avalo tharu marana peru ellam. ;)

  10. Hey seems u hv a big collection....
    vl hear them and get back to U!

  11. dude! camel is really awesome! i have only one album though :( i'll get the others from you when i have time... and yea, thanks for the vids :)

  12. sure come home i have almost their entire collection except the three albums i had asked for.

  13. so u r from kanyakumari district huh? me too. glad to meet u in cyber space.

  14. @alakananda: I'm from nagercoil actually. glad for stopping by my blog.

    Happy pongal to everyone.

  15. @karthik.b.s: i'll post soon. :)