Jul 5, 2007

My new walkman ;)

After months and months of reading about phones, going through the endless number of reviews in various websites. Going through the various complaints and nuisance felt by the various users. I finally came to a conclusion last week. Earlier I had three options, from which I had to choose one. The options were K750i, W700 and W200. All three phones are good in their own ways. But the phone I bought isn't among the above options. This was a last minute change of decision. And at the last moment one more phone was added to the above options that was Nokia 6300. After that I added one more phone to the list of growing options, that was w810i. And the phone I bought was none other than w810i.

Sony Ericsson w810i

Sony Ericsson w810iIt's a really awesome phone. But it did cost 12.9K though. But I'm really happy with it. Its got everything I wanted. A good camera(2 Megapixel). A good music player(Walkman phone, so the music has to be good). Plus EDGE speeds. I got a hutch GPRS connection and I was getting 10-12 KBps download speeds which pretty darn good. I really loved the headphones which comes with this phone, it really brings music to your ears and only to your ears. Plus I also got a speaker set along with the phone, but it definitely won't replace my altec lansing :P. More review coming up as I get to know the phone better. Here are the official specifications.


  • 262.144 color TFT
  • 176x220 pixel
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo™ support
  • Phone memory 20MB
  • 100 x 46 x 19.5 mm
  • 99 gm
  • EDGE
  • GSM 850
  • GSM 900
  • GSM 1800
  • GSM 1900

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  1. Enjoy your new cell phone pal :) Happy music hours! I ve sent you the stuff you wanted at iconbuffet! Sorry I did it a bit late but I am sitting exams these days..

  2. Good that you bought W810i. Not that K750i is bad, but there are quite a few things which are much better in W810i. I had K750i and I just loved it, its an absolute no-nonsense phone. The only few differences I could see with W810i were,
    1. Joy stick -> W810i has a fixed one hence is much durable.
    2. Video capture -> In K750i it was only 10s, but in W10i it goes for long...
    3. Walkman -> Good music + they give you a memory card free...

    Enjoy a very good experice with your new phone :)

  3. @nikos: thanks dude. And thanks for the iconbuffet icons too and all the best for ur exams :)

  4. @akshatha: well the first diff u have mentioned is something I too did consider in the begining. but I wasn't much worried about video capturing though. And ofcourse the walkman symbol on a phone alone is good enough to buy it. One other feature which gives it an edge over k750i is EDGE which supports much faster speeds. thanks for dropping by. I'm already having a great time with the phone :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 09, 2007

    welcome to the club

  6. It is good and can i buy one

  7. @mussa: Its a really good phone. But has some disadvantages in it. You might want to read my grudges I had against this phone. Other than those grudges I think its a good phone. But right now I think its out of production, so you might want to reconsider buying this phone.