Sep 29, 2007

A New Title

Fruit Salad

Its been two months, two whole months! I myself don't believe it, but thats the truth. It all started as a simple idea of trying something new. Just to see whether I am capable of resisting tempatation. And so far I have been successful yay. A few lines of blabbering you might be wondering whether I am writing this post in my sleep. No its just that yesterday I went to a restaurant(The Noodle House) in spencer. Its a really good one. So I sit down and started reading the menu. Then I called the waiter for placing my order.

ME: One Hongkong Noodle please.
WAITER: With Tofu or Chicken sir?
ME: Tofu!!!
WAITER: Are you vegetarian? (A curious look on his face)
ME: Yes

Kadavule avan enna Vegetariannu sollitan. After rotating the mosquito coil twice in the anti clock wise direction.
Flashback: Two months back(erandu maathangalukku munbu
I had gone to the same restaurant. That time I ordered Noodle with chicken sidedish and chicken soup

Looks like I have finally earned a new title Vegetarian a.k.a Veggie.
P.S: By the way The Noodle house is really good. And yesterday was the first time I ate tofu ;)

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  1. hey tats good news..finally u are a veggie..but lets see how long tat last :P