Dec 21, 2007

Truly Kontagious

Kontagious band performing live in Landmark Chennai
Band Kontagious playing live at Landmark Spencers, Chennai

Kontagious Worship ExpressionsWell for the first time in my life I was singing christmas carols that too in the public at the top of my voice, all thanks to the band Kontagious. As on date the only christmas carol I knew was jingle bells even that I haven't sung fully so far. Today after a boring day at work headed to spencer for a lazy window shopping session plus my regular stroll in Landmark. After roaming for about 15 mins I heard them make an announcement didn't hear it properly thought some writer must be coming or some such stuff. After a while I heard someone playing guitar and to surprise see that there were a bunch of people preparing for a concert of some sort in Landmark. Thank god I finally get to hear a band live! Then the lead singer of the band comes up and says we are going to sing christmas carols. The only thing I know about carols is that it is usually sung by choirs in a very high pitch through out christmas. Beyond this my knowledge on them is bare minimum.

Know Your NameThen I sit there waiting to hear the band. They started sharply at 6:30pm, then it was roller coaster ride of sorts. The band was truly amazing mixing the carols with a good amount of rock and roll and it was truly rocking. Also their second album is out called 'Know Your Name'. Now that I have heard them live I'm definitely buying the album for sure. If you want to get a taste of the Kontagious then head to the Unwind Center, Adyar on 25th of December on Christmas at 8:00 in the morning :)

Official Site: Kontagious - Worship Expressions

Kontagious band playing live at Landmark Chennai Spencers


  1. jus fuk the above coment

  2. Beautiful man.. You guys rock...

    n who is that anonymous c*** with that comment...

  3. you a singer? wow! great! :)

  4. i remember going through the same thing. i did christmas carols at the bombay store when i was at school. they paid me a whopping rs250 for it!

    it was an experience though.

  5. Hi Rakesh

    Where are u in the poster :)

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  9. Me too... experienced this live programme. Really awesome. Then I bought a 'know your name' cd. It is really great.

    - Joseph

  10. @Joseph: hey that's great. Then I might have seen you, you never know. I also bought the CD. But haven't really heard much of it till now. :(