Aug 17, 2008

Oh Jesus

St. Thomas Mount Church
Oh Jesus, originally uploaded by Rakesh Ashok.

I really love this picture. One is for the light behind the statue seems to radiate from the statue. Took this picture during the Ninth Chennai Photowalk at St. Thomas Mount Church. The second reason why I love this photos is due to the silhouette of the cross & statue against the sunlight.

Here are some tidbits about St. Thomas Mount Church. It was built in 1523 by the Portuguese stands at the summit of the 300 foot high St. Thomas Mount.
St. Thomas who is one of the apostle of Christ is said to have lived in a small cave on the hill.
A shrine dedicated to "Our Lady of Expectation" was built in 1523 on top of the mount.
At the northern foot of the Mount is a gateway of four impressive arches surmounted by a cross bearing the inscribed date 1547.
A flight of 160 steps leads up to the summit of the Mount.
There are fourteen stations of the cross erected on the way to the summit.
In 1547, an excavation unearthed a stone cross with old Sassanid Pahlavi inscriptions on it. The cross, reputed to have been chiseled by the Apostle himself, became known as the 'Bleeding Cross' as it has stains resembling blood stains which reappear even after being scrubbed off. It is also supposed to 'bleed' afresh periodically.
The Festival of Our Lady of Expectation is celebrated on 18th December.
Saint Thomas day is celebrated on the 3rd of July in memory of his martyrdom.

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