Sep 27, 2008

Nokia E51: Review

You remember that long time ago I bought the wonderful Sony Ericsson W810i. I am very sad to inform that it is no more. The reason is partly due to my handling. But I would blame some of it on the phone design. But thats of course personal. It still remains a very good phone. I think it has the best 2 MP camera in the entire lot of 2 MP camera phones. It also has a very good battery life averaging 2-3 days on a single charge, provided I didn't use the loudspeaker much.

So if it is such a good phone why didn't I buy the same phone again? Considering the fact that it is available now at 6000 Rs less than what I bought for. Well the only few things which I didn't like in W810i would be the charger & the charging contacts in the W810i (all Sony Ericsson phones in general). I feel that they are a lot exposed and it gets easily damaged. This is the main reason why I decided not to buy another Sony Ericsson. The second was the flimsy cover for the memory card. My phone stopped working because water had gone through the memory card cover and had spoilt the whole inner circuit. Also I feel that Sony Ericsson phone has too many restrictions on the features. Like I cannot have many numbers under the same contact. One more weird feature was that for me to store some one's birthday in the calendar that person has to be in my contacts. Not many softwares are available for Sony Ericsson phones. The keypads are always the weak point in Sony Ericsson phones. One thing which they need to learn from the Nokia.

Then I decided my next phone has to be a smartphone. The things I had in mind was a good Operating System, lots of additional features, multimedia(MP3 player, Radio, Video Player, Camera)lots of softwares. These were the primary things which I was looking for. Only two Operating systems satisfied all of these. One is the Symbian operating software (Nokia), or the Windows Mobile (HTC,Motorola). I had seen some of the phones from all three i.e. Nokia, HTC & Motorola. I'm a big fan of qwerty phones. Though I have never used any of them extensively myself. I do like to have a proper keypad to type. After much analysis, many reviews I finally settled on the Nokia E51. Unfortunately during the time I bought my phone the E71 was not yet announced else I would have definitely bought E71 instead of E51.

What I Like about the Nokia E51

Nokia E51

Here are the few basic specifications of the Nokia E51.

  • Its a business phone. Which I guess one can guess from the "E" in the Nokia E51 meaning Enterprise.
  • Its the successor to the highly popular Nokia E50.
  • Powered by the latest Symbian Operating System V9.2 with S60 3.1.
  • Wi-Fi. Something that is truly amazing for a phone which sells for around 11K.
  • Has a really fast ARM 11, 369 MHz processor. Which is the same processor which runs in most of the latest N Series Nokia Phones.
  • It is 3G enabled. But thats no use in India. Not yet!
  • Has a higher capacity battery with 1070mAh.
  • Has all the regular multimedia stuff like a 2MP camera, Radio, Video Player, MP3 Player.
  • Comes preloaded with some office applications like Word, Excel & Powerpoint viewer. Sadly you can't edit the documents. But I don't see the point as to why one would want to edit documents in a 2inch screen.
  • Has Adobe reader, Flash lite 2.0, Nokia Maps though no GPS.


  1. What a coincidence! Even i brought the same mobile :) and it rocks!

  2. kewl man. I bought some five months back :)
    Just found time to review it

  3. E51 The Best Mid-end Mobile Phone For Business

  4. @Rahman: Yep it definitely is the mid-end Mobile for business. Will review more of the phones features soon. :)