Oct 12, 2008

Calls to USA for 0.01$

Yahoo VoiceYou might have seen many ads on the internet screaming similar things. This is in fact another similar advertisement. Seriously after seeing this particular article many might wonder whether I have lost my mental balance. Nope, I'm still sane enough to write my blog. You can in fact make calls to USA for as cheap as 0.01$ i.e. 1cent. You know what, I have been using this service myself for many months now. I'm really happy with the service, So that's why I'm blogging about it. :)

Yahoo Voice

Many of you might have already known about this service called Yahoo Voice, offered by Yahoo. Using this service one can make calls to any where in the world via Yahoo Messenger. Visit the yahoo site for details regarding the call rates.

The 0.01$ turns out to be roughly around 45 paise give or take a few paisa based on the current US Dollar exchage rate. That's even less than a local mobile to mobile call tariff. The actual ISD tariff for Vodafone(Chennai, assuming the the same pricing prevails in the rest of India) prepaid customers is about Rs 6.40/-. And suppose you use a World Calling card you can bring down the tariff to Rs 2.00/-. Even this rate is roughly four times costlier than what is offered by Yahoo. Guess one can do the rest of the Math to figure out exactly what you save if you used Yahoo Voice. Also the voice clarity is good. The minimum recharge option is 10.00$. And if my math is right you can use that credit to call any US number and talk for nearly 1000 minutes.

So there has to be some downside to this service. Some fine print in the bottom. Well there are a few, but these factors are very minor.

1. You need an internet connection to use this service. In case anyone reads this blog to find out about this service then he/she already has an internet connection. And this does not include those who browse in Cybercafe.
2. You need to have a headphone with microphone. You can get a really cheap one for about Rs. 150/- by philips or even cheaper ones by lesser known brands. Anything will work.
3. You need to have a credit card to pay for this service. Well in case you don't have one, I'm sure many bank are willing to give you one. In case they are hesitant you can ask someone else to pay for you using their credit card and you can pay them in cash.
4. Unlike mobile phones you can't use this service anywhere you want and definitely won't fit in your pocket (God when will 3G come to India!). Its not exactly a very portable service.

Note: Even Skype offers a similar service, but you can compare the call rates of Skype and call rates of Yahoo voice and decide for yourself which is cheaper.

Image Credit: Yahoo.com

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