Oct 15, 2008

Simran Thirai

For those who are already soaking in the glycerin water of the mega serials, here is a new concept called Mini-Mega serials. Its a brand new concept by Pyramid Saimira Production. Starring none other than the Lady super star "Simran". OK I know she is old now, married, but she still looks great :D. I'm also a fan of Simran ;). Here is a dialogue by Sathyan from the movie Maayavi.

Ellarum cinemava thaana moonu mani neram pappanga
Aana naan simran postareye moonu mani neram pappen

Simran Thirai

The Mini-Mega serial is an interesting concept unlike the Mega serials of out time where the story spans five to six generations and goes on and on for years, this is really short running for just a month. Meaning you get to see a new story every month and don't have to worry whether "X" is the second daughter of the X-Husband of Mrs. "Y" who is currently on the death bed. Yes all the story as you have guessed correctly revolves around our lovely Simran, that's why its called Simran Thirai. It's first episode was aired on March 3, 2008. I know I'm a little late in announcing this whole Mini-Mega serial thing, but then for someone who never watches tamil soaps its too early :).

Its aired on Jaya TV every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm. I'm not at all a fan of Mega serials. Since this seems a little away from the Mega serial concept where the cameraman will show the leg of the hero walking up the staircase for 15 mins. Then finally when he reaches the next floor they put the "Thodarum" message. The Simran Thirai is currently airing its eighth season "Sundari Neeyum, Sundaran Naanum". I haven't watched the previous seven stories, but this ones really funny. This is the main reason why I started watching this serial. In this story Simran dons the role of an "Agrahaaram Maami". I'm planning to watch this whole month ;). Thalaivi Simran Vazhga.

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Image Credit: Pyramid Saimira


  1. I wont understand the language
    or else i would have definitely watched it!

  2. Well the show comes in telugu too. :)