Nov 20, 2008

Nagercoil Junction

Nagercoil Junction
Nagercoil Junction, originally uploaded by Rakesh Ashok.

Well that's my dad's native. I stayed there for four years i.e. right from my 6th Std to 9th Std. It's not what one would call fast moving. I often feel that Chennai is a very slow paced city when compared to Mumbai. But Nagercoil is snail paced compared to Mumbai. It is not a city but a town. The one thing which will immediately strike you is the greenery and non-polluted atmosphere. The people over there speak a little differently. People from Nagercoil are often influenced by Malayalam since a lot of Malayalee's are settled here. In fact many people can speak really good Malayalam too.

As for the Image, took this one in my E51's camera so not much of details. Adding to that I have over processed the image in photoshop to give it a very dark and moody look. The noise in the image is added for the effect & the original picture was surprisingly cleaner even though taken with E51's 2 MP camera.

1. The Nagaraja temple
2. The Suchindram temple
3. The Kanyakumari (an hours drive from Nagercoil)

Once I get a digital SLR I would love to visit this place :). It most certainly will provide many photographic opportunities.


  1. Kanyakumari 20 mins drive from ngl mamee.
    and u left many more places
    chotavalai beach , olakai aruvi , vatta parai , few dams

  2. mr. naan angeyelam ponadhu kidayadhu

  3. nice pic !looks gr8 bro! :-) simple n good

  4. AnonymousMay 28, 2011

    its a nice