Dec 1, 2008

Nikon D3x

Nikon D3x

The world is your studio

The world is your studio when you have a Nikon D3x (And loads of cash). The latest from the imaging giant Nikon. This camera will give the Medium format cameras a run for their money. If you know about the D3 of Nikon, then the only main difference will be the 24MP full frame sensor. This can churn out 50MB RAW files which can be converted to 138MB TIFF files. Mind blowing! Isn't it?

One more thing, this camera is not for lighthearted people. With a retail price of 8000$ this camera is designed only for those who require the highest quality camera (that can be said only after the production camera is out in the market). This is Nikon's costliest offering till date. Many people are not happy with the D3x. They don't feel that more pixels justify the additional 3000$ over the current Nikon flagship camera the Nikon D3. As for me, if I had enough money I will definitely buy the D3 instead of the D3x. That is, if I had money! So if anyone is thinking of getting me something for my birthday, the Nikon D3 should be your ideal choice of gift ;). Provided you also have enough money :D.

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