Dec 6, 2008

Opera 10 alpha is here

Opera 10 alpha

Well Opera is out with the alpha version of their upcoming Opera 10. Well here are the few things thats changed in the Opera 10

Presto 2.2 rendering engine

A new rendering engine which promises faster page rendering. Well opera is known for their page rendering speed and this new engine is apparently going to improve upon that. I just started using the Opera 10. Well its really fast indeed. Well the speed has certainly improved but the rendering still has many problems. For instance the blogger website page in which I'm typing this post doesn't render like it does on Firefox or Chrome or IE. Hope they improve on this part of the engine.


Finally I can live in peace, because earlier whenever I had to update the Opera browser I had to download the binary file and then install the damn thing again. This is one place where the Firefox and now the chrome really shines. Glad Opera also decided to include this feature.

Passes Acid 3 test

Better web standards support. Other features include an inline spell-checker. Better support for HTML emails using Opera mail. More support for web fonts and SVG etc. Well this is just the alpha version so we can expect lot more improvements in the final version. :)

Download Opera 10 alpha

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