Jun 5, 2009

Its Automatic Its Citizen

Citizen Automatic
Citizen Again, originally uploaded by Rakesh Ashok.

This is my fifth watch. The first & second were given to me by my dad. Both of them got repaired. The third one was presented to me by my friends which is in my shelf :). The fourth I bought after I got a job also got screwed up. For a long time I was roaming around without a watch. Using my trusty mobile as a watch. This is really a great watch. Its automatic meaning there is no battery. It moves by your physical movement. It did cost me a lot but then I don't buy a watch every other day do I...?

One more thing one can also see the inner working of the watch through the see thru glass behind the dial. Its pretty awesome. Check out the other photo of this watch.:)


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  2. I'm frm India, goes by the name Arjun. I own the same watch. Mine has a blue dial though. its an nh6750. It cost me 4800INR. Been lookin 4 reviews on net but these cool automatics r 2 b found nowhere other than chines, japanes n korean sites n some 1800 image results on google.