Jun 4, 2009

Lightning in Chennai

Lightning in Chennai
Lightning in Chennai, originally uploaded by Rakesh Ashok.

Well photographing lightning ain't that easy, which I learnt after taking some 50 shots of the open sky and capturing only a few (three) shots having a streak of lighting in them. And this is the best picture in that lot. The setup is kinda simple. You simply can't do this with point and shoot unless you are extremely lucky.

Here are the basic instructions for photographing lightning which I followed.

  1. Set the ISO to something like 200
  2. Set the f stop to somewhere around 11-16
  3. The exposure should be somewhere in seconds if you wanna capture it hand held. If you have a tripod you can set the exposure in minutes which will ensure some really great shots.
  4. As for white balance set it to auto or you can try experimenting with it.
  5. Choice of the lens absolutely depends on the surroundings. Most preferably use wide or normal lenses.
  6. And ya make sure you cover up most of the camera with some plastic bag or else you can forget your gear :D

Thats about it. I didn't have a tripod so I used a 4 sec exposure to capture this. :) Now that the monsoons are very near I hope to see some more people showing off their pictures of Lightning in Chennai :)

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