Nov 7, 2009

It's pouring in Chennai

For the past few days it has been raining continuously. Though it is good to have rain in Chennai after the rainy season is over, it definitely doesn't improve anything else other than the temperature. I love to get myself soaked in rain, but hey I have to go to my office. And it really is sick to travel in a bike through the pot hole ridden roads of Chennai. When will the Chennai Corporation ever get rid of all the pot holes. Even if they take their time to lay good roads it shouldn't take more than two years to cover the whole of Chennai. So why can't they fill a few pot holes?

I often wonder why the hell am I paying all that money as tax. If it can't even fill a stupid pot hole. Except for the pot holes rain is still very much a treat to each and every Chennaitte. Rain is good!.

Enough with the complaining I guess. Now here is something to take the pot holes off your mind. A picture of Trisha with a bit of editing. Of course this has no relevance to what I am writing about. Hey WTH I'm still a Trisha fan!

Trisha Krishnan Beautiful

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