Nov 24, 2009

Pyaar Impossible

I am a big time fan of movie posters, that anyone could guess seeing my many posts on movie posters. They are the first thing which either attracts/repels you to/from the movie. So far I had been posting all international movie poster. Well I guess its time to showcase some of the local talents here as well.

Pyaar Impossible Poster

This poster to certain extent represents the movie's theme. We have a geeky looking Uday Chopra and an apparently ravishing Priyanka Chopra and there is this distance between the two characters, probably to suggest the difference in nature of the two characters. This movie probably takes place abroad which we can assume from the skyscrapers in the background. The butterfly and the flowers are just extras and doesn't add any meaning to the poster. I think this is my first movie poster review :).


The poster doesn't seem to inspire me to go see the movie if it ever releases in Chennai ;). Let the movie release then we will come to know.

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