Nov 16, 2009

Trisha came home

Trisha came homeWell Trisha did come home but one small twist, it wasn't my home :(. Was browsing through Google for Trisha's photos and got this. Ok but then is there even a remote possibility that I get to meet my favourite person(not just Trisha) up close. Well as far as probability goes there is 50% chance that it will happen. I'm just waiting for that 50% and if I manage to increase that percentage even by 1% then I definitely do get to see that person. Even though probability gives me a head start of 50% the next 1% is up to my own abilities. I thought this post was about how I am going to meet Trisha, but this has turned out be something else altogether! And in case Trisha does turn up in front of my house I will definitely get a better photo of hers :).

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