Nov 3, 2009

What is the size?

Folder Size Freeware Application

What is the one thing that is never enough in one's computer. Well one of them is hard disk space. No matter how many times I free my hard disk, it gets filled up. I am of those persistent few who still manage with a 40GB hard disk, which is not even available anywhere. Not even in antique shops. So I was wondering where is all that memory being eaten away, which particular folder is taking up more space on my system?

That's when I found the app called Folder Size for Windows while googling. Well the name is obvious enough I guess. It's a small program which runs as a service and you can see the folder size right in your Windows XP explorer as shown in the above picture. It's a free software released under GNU license. So feel free to share it with others. :)

Download Folder Size v2.4 32bit
Download Folder Size v2.4 64bit

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  1. Not sure if this works with Vista
    Here is another tool to try
    Directory Report