Mar 29, 2010

Hindu needs a better Designer

I am an avid reader of The Hindu, the reason being it offers news without the extra masala and stuff. Their print medium is the best in the country. It even got a makeover by the Garcia Media in 2007. But it's not about their content I'm worried about. A good newspaper can never run out of stories or readers. But in the world where content is being digitized and brought to you right to your desktop or laptops or Ipads (from April), Hindu is doing a really bad job at maintaining their website. Well the page below is what their current website looks like.

The Hindu website

It's been like this for a very long time. They have started a redesign of the website, a beta version of the website. I'm not sure who the designer is of the beta website, but they definitely need a better designer. You can see the picture and decide why. Well the new beta website resembles so much like the website. You can see one of the pages below.

Hindu similar to Guardian

Seriously Hindu get yourself a better designer.
A loyal reader.

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