Mar 16, 2010

My New System - II

OK I thought the first post was long enough as it is, so here is the second part of my rig building process. The next component in question is the Power Supply a.k.a PSU. I never really thought I have to invest in something like a PSU. I didn't quite expect the choice of PSU to be of high importance and now after enough enlightenment from my fellow PC assemblers, I have learned to respect them. The choice of the PSU can either power your system or can blow your rig sky high or it can melt your motherboards beyond recognition.

Power Supply Unit

Corsair VX450W
Corsair VX 450W
My New System, originally uploaded by Rakesh Ashok.

As I was saying above the PSU is also a very important part of any rig. This wasn't the first choice that came to the mind of TE members when I asked for suggestions for PSU. The first was the Gigabyte Superb 460W and the second was Seasonic S12II-380W. Both these were really good products from what I read from reviews elsewhere. Then after assessing that the Seasonic was better than the Gigabyte product I decided to go with it. But unfortunately the place where I went to seek out this product haven't even of the name Seasonic. One guy even took and gave me a zebronics PSU. Zebronic and Seasonic does sound a lot similar don't they. Again I had to look out for alternatives. Thus I came upon the Corsair VX 450W. Well it was a bit too costly for me though. Nevertheless it is the perfect fit. Best features of this PSU are really quite fan and nylon sleeved wires for better wire management in your cabinet.

Bought this PSU for a princely sum of 4050Rs in Richie Street. Though right now its an overkill for my current config without a GPU. But it definitely is a good choice considering the fact that I would definitely get myself a GPU probably the ATI Radeon HD5770 or the 5750. Here are some reviews to help you along with your decision.

Corsair VX450W: Quiet Value PSU
Corsair VX450W power supply review

Will be continued...

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