Apr 10, 2010

Time to clean up

I think I have not been treating my blog properly. I was just reading the google webmaster blog, especially this article, "Using site speed in web search ranking". The impact of the article may or may not be that huge for me. But other websites which are trying to come up in the google page ranking should definitely take notice. What the article tells you is that making a dashing website isn't that great if it takes too long to load in your browser or other browsers.

After reading this I checked my websites performance and its bad. Apparently my blog loads slower than 90% of the websites out there. Thats like just above the bottom. Reason my blog has become too image heavy. It is loading around 1MB of images every time you visit my webpage. So visitors of my website especially those who use the attractive but limited download packages, should be made aware of these things. So I have decided to axe down the number of images hence forth or at least use images which takes lesser time to load. Well the other optimization which some of the tools suggested for my site has to nothing with the content but rather the blogger's own code. Which sadly I can't change.

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