Nov 7, 2010

Photography & more

Portrait at Mint Street
Portrait at Mint Street, originally uploaded by Rakesh Ashok.

Yes I have been taking lots of photographs during the past two years but I have hardly shared those pictures with anyone. Only now I got the time to upload them to flickr/facebook. So expect more pictures from me. I also got opportunity to take photos during few of my friends and relatives marriage. It was fun when I did do those photo shoots. But one thing I did learn is that I am not that great while shooting events where things move quickly. If you lose a moment it ain't coming back. So I mostly miss many of the good shots which I have seen in other photographers portfolios. But I did manage a few candid ones though. My learning in photography continues ... :)

The above picture was taken more than a year ago during one of the many Chennai Photowalk I did attend. This one was at Mint Street. In my post processing of the picture first converted the picture to Black & White using Channel Mixer. Then increased the contrast. Then added a vignette to give more focus to the portrait of the rickshawala.

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