Dec 17, 2010

Peepli Live - The circus of life

Peepli Live

I loved this movie. The news we get from the media these days are mostly half truth wrapped in media masala which is what the people prefer. So I can't go about blaming media for doing what they do. But this movie is definitely a slap in their faces for sure. In this whole media circus we should not forget the real issue which is that the number of farmers in India are decreasing. Should I take up farming instead of being a software engineer? These questions trouble me. Here are a few more questions which popped up in my mind. The farmers produce a lot of things which finally ends up in our homes but the price of these produce keeps increasing in the whole logistics business. So the producer gets the least whereas the middlemen enjoy more by adding the price of the logistics to the products. As the consumer we pay a lot more than it was originally bought from the farmers. As you can see as we look at the bigger picture things get a lot more confusing. The best thing about this system is that we really can't blame anyone for anything, even though we end up blaming someone.

I would like to congratulate the director Anusha Rizvi for this wonderful creation. Guess her journalist experience helped in filming this movie. A movie with some meaning at last even though the meaning is once again covered in too much media. I think Naseeruddin Shah's role was a wasted effort. The highlight of the movie was the role of two person one was Rakesh not because it is after my name, but amongst all this he felt sorry for the farmer Hori. The other character was the farmer Hori the actual victim in the movie. The screenplay is excellent and great camera work capturing the circus of life. I would rate this movie a 4/5, it lost a point for the meaning being too subdued. Other than that it is a wonderful movie.

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