May 29, 2011

What happened to the blogs

twitter facebook vs blogger

Started blogging when I was in college and then eventually I have seen myself shifting from blogging to twitter, facebook etc. What happened, why this sudden change, why does everyone these days prefer the short version of everything? IPL seems more popular than the original format, twitter even with its 140 word limit seem like a expansive canvas to express and share your ideas. Facebook status messages is something thats still something I haven't understood. I remember the number of times I've promised myself to update the blog regularly. The only blogs which I see being updated regularly are tech blogs. Looks like personal blogging is on the decline taken over by the likes of twitter and facebook. Guess I have to just keep reminding myself that I still have a blog.


  1. Thank God someone thinks like me.. this morning I was just thinking the same..I thought I was the only one interested in personal blogging...or maybe I didnt know the rules... Actually new to blogging :) :)...but I like the way you write.. a straight road connectivity :) :)

  2. A new blogger friend :) welcome to the blogging world. There used to be a time when there were a bunch of us really crazy about blogging. Commenting in each others blogs like crazy. Then the Social networks sort of spoiled the party. But I'm once again trying to get back to my old blogging self. Nice picture on your blog btw :D