Jun 4, 2011

Eating Ramen with chopsticks


Long ago I bought two sets of plastic chopsticks. I have no idea why I bought them that time, but I did. Today after watching 3 hours of Japanese cuisine and Japanese food and culture I also decided to try and use a chopstick. To use that I needed some noodles or ramen as they are called in Japan. Went and got some Top Ramen from the near by local shop and two eggs. Well what I finally made out of these two wasn't a total disaster but tasted really bland though. Making the ramen wasn't difficult since all I had to do was boiling and stirring. The fun part started while eating. I decided to use a chopstick the ones which I bought ages ago. But in my life I've never used a chopstick before. So I take my plate sit in front of youtube and search for a video for using chopsticks. I did learn the basics of holding the chopsticks properly but eating with it was a totally painful experience. By the time I finished eating the ramen my hands were totally numb. Guess I need to use the chopstick more often. Next task eating rice with chopsticks.


  1. :) :) u also need to bend towards your plate a little in addition to the finger movements :)

  2. At first i had hard time using them, but learning to use them is a different feeling.

  3. @Sunita: I was a little lazy so I had my plate next to my mouth :)
    @metuchen: Yep you said it. :) have to get myself some wooden ones since everyone I asked said that wooden sticks are much better than plastic ones.