Jul 20, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy LinesBehind Enemy Lines, originally uploaded by Rakesh Ashok.

A picture taken a very long time ago during the initial days of the Coffee Central madness when myself and my friends used to hang out for more than half the day playing chess and other games. Looks like I have to get back to taking pictures with my Film SLR. After getting my DSLR I've absolutely forgotten that I have another gem of a camera :(

Today also happens to be my birthday :) So yet another day in the life of martian hoping for a fun day :)


  1. Thought it was brilliant in FB.. think it's brilliant here as well... And how excatly does martian bdays translate itself to earthly days? so do you have a two day bday here or just half a day on mars?? :-P

  2. very nice pic but even better is the title given :) :).. and hey many many happy returns of the day :)

  3. @crzygrl: Back in Mars it used to be a huge 6 and half day celebrations with DJ Night etc but here its just one day how can you celebrate your arrival into this world for just one day :( thats not the way we like it. Btw got a cake facial, in fact two cake facials :) And no one dared to hit me though I guess its my height :P

    @Sunita: Thanks a lot for your wishes :) :)