Jul 16, 2011

Where are my blog readers?

Me: Well even though I haven't blogged that regularly I still seem to find a number of visitors visiting my blog all thanks to Google. Beyond that there hardly seem to be any regular visitors! 
Myself: Once upon a time your blog had less number of visitors but many regulars who read everything you posted and offered their critics and comments. 
Me: I think I finally found the reason. A blog can be considered read worthy only if it has anything new to read unless of course my blog post is a copy of the Bible. :)
Myself: So looks like you found your solution. New content is a must. 

Introspection is the key to all answers :)

P.S: Watched Harry Potter 7 and looks like the saga has finally come to an end. We will all miss Hermione Granger thats for sure :D

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